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Sailboats take over in Malaga

Malaga docks have become the new hotspot for big sailing boats,

with five already making an appearance in the month of October. Although cruises bring in hoards of tourists and energy to the Malaga Port, the sailboats have started to gain some attention. 

The boats are large and imposing in size and bring a special kind of elegance to the port. October has seen the number of sailing yachts shoot up, as more choose Malaga as their preferred docks.    

French sailboat Marité glided in at the end of September, gracing the waterfront with its presence until the first week of the month. Their brief stays in Malaga mean a perfect time for any small repairs that may be needed and provisions are stocked up.  

Passengers, crew and sailing students aboard these spectacular boats leave the waves behind and walk on steady land for a while. Some sailboats have a varied program filled with cultural excursions, and they can generate a lot of activity for neighbouring Malaga businesses. 

A big number of these ships come from the North of Europe where they are based. For them, Malaga is a great point to start autumn and winter routes and travel to warmer seas.  

In October, the fleet has been made up of polish sailboats Fryderyk Chopin and Pogoria, Norwegian Christian Radich, Swedish Alva and the Dutch ship Gulden Leeuw. Some of them carry decades of history at sea and are opening an interesting new opportunity for Malaga’s beloved port.  

Málaga is a port city on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol, known for its high-rise hotels and resorts jutting up from yellow-sand beaches. Looming over that modern skyline are the city’s 2 massive hilltop citadels, the Alcazaba and ruined Gibralfaro, remnants of Moorish rule.





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Source :  Euro Weekly News


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