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man went overboard a sailboat

MILWAUKEE -Four members of the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center were out on the water

when they noticed something out of the ordinary. Their quick action helped save a man's life.

The women said it all came down to their training. They saw an empty boat on the lake and heard cries for help. Without hesitation, they stepped up.

"Beautiful fall day for a sail," said Sheri Kanyer, rescuer.

Most trips out on Lake Michigan are relaxing, but for these women, time on the water Saturday took an unexpected turn.

"We saw this boat just, in the middle of the breakwater -- just sitting there," said Bonnee Lugauer, rescuer.

The sails were down, and there was no one on board. They knew something was wrong and decided to take a closer look.

"We heard a sound -- 'Help!'" said Lugauer.

"The man and the voice was 50 to 70 yards away from where the boat was," said Kanyer.

As they got closer, they saw a man in the water, waving his hand. He had fallen off his boat into the cold lake.


The women knew exactly what to do because of special training with the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center.






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Source : Fox 6 


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