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A couple who quit their jobs to fulfill their dream of traveling around the world

had no idea about the coronavirus outbreak. Elena Manighetti from Lombardy, Italy, and Ryan Osborne from Manchester bought a boat to travel around the world.

They left the Canary Islands in late February to travel a distance of 3,000 miles. The couple told their family not to inform them about any bad news. They were completely unaware of the outbreak of coronavirus around the world.

When they left they only heard the news of some kind of virus in China. But they had no idea that when they were enjoying their trip virus swept across the world.

The couple said: “We first tried to enter the French territories in the Caribbean. But they found all the borders were already closed and the islands were closing down.

Even at that point, we had no idea about the virus. We thought that these were preventive measures because of the high season.”

However, when they approached the Caribbean they were informed that because of COVID-19 all the islands had closed the borders.


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When their friend who was ahead of them told them about the lockdown they came to know about coronavirus.

Ms. Manighetti said that the authorities didn’t allow her to enter the territory because she is an Italian citizen & her hometown is badly affected by a coronavirus.

Luckily, they have tracked their journey on GPS and able to prove that they both were in the sea for 25 days. They had involuntarily been in quarantine.

When they made their first contact with the outside world they came to know how badly the virus affected the world.

Ms. Manighetti discovered that the virus has infected the people she knew. But her family is safe.

The couple, who are currently in Bequia, Saint Vincent, are unable to continue their journey at the moment because nowhere is open. 



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Source : The Women Journal 


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