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Living on a sailboat was never something the Ferrie family

thought they’d be doing, especially during a global pandemic.

Two years ago, Stephanie Ferrie and her husband Kevin decided to buy a 44-foot boat, and along with their four kids ages 9-14, they left their home in Scarborough.

“We wanted to just live a little bit more simply,” Stephanie Ferrie said.

Now with the coronavirus, they’re left waiting on their boat in the U.S. Virgin Islands and rely on locals to bring them food, propane for their stove and fuel for their dinghy.


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“We’re lucky, we’re off the grid, we’ve got solar and wind power, we’ve got water maker, so we’re pretty well set for life like this,” Stephanie Ferrie said.

Kevin Ferrie, who retired from the U.S. Coast Guard, says both the weather and the virus play factors in when they’ll be able to leave.

“So we basically, we’re staying on our boat 24/7, except for swimming and exploring via our small dingy,” Kevin Ferrie said.

The family says their biggest fear is if one of them catches the virus, they won’t be able to find the proper care.

“We feel safe in that we don’t get a lot of exposure to people, we feel incredibly vulnerable because if on the low chance that we do get sick, the hospitals here are just not equipped to handle it,” Kevin Ferrie said.

Because of coronavirus, the Ferrie family is changing their plans, and have hired an additional crew member to help with the long non-stop sail, and will hopefully be heading back to the U.S. in May.



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Source : by WGME


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