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The  Sailboat  was stolen  from lefkada, Greece. It was later found full of  migrants. 

On board, the smugglers had abandoned 56 migrants, including children. Shortly after the rescue, the boat crashed on the cliff due to high  waves. 

The sirocco wind was strong off the Capo di Leuca, at 18 knots, with gusts up to 21. They, the migrants, 56 in all, including children, had been abandoned by the smugglers in the middle of the sea full of waves and currents and a sailboat that kept drifting. The traffickers  disappeared with some other boat. The immigrants included - Kurds, Syrians and Iraqis found themselves trying to govern a boat with absolutely no experience of basics in navigation.  

After the first reports, coming from about 6 miles from the coast, the rescue started immediately with the patrol boats. It was about mid-morning. They were difficult hours, in the rough sea, with the sailboat tossing around. The military took over the boat eventually and headed to shore.

The group also included five children and a woman (two small children were with her). A couple of migrants were transported to the hospital due to minor illnesses due to crossing and toothache. All the others, no matter how exhausted by a long and dangerous journey, were in good health.



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Source : LeccePrima


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