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Here is an exclusive for Sosailize.net Members!!!!!!
Some of you will know that we have launched a second channel "Your Drone TV" This channel is is due to the massive requests that we got from subscribers and followers in regard to drone footage and music we use.
We aim to feature unknown artists and new artists that we think make great music and set it to drone footage of bays, harbours and...
Show more - at Asirli Island, Turkey

.Asirli Island, Turkey.

YOUR DRONE TV ıs a TV channel featurıng Drone footage set to musıc. Watch hours of stunnıng arıal vıews and vıstas, Seascapes and Shorelınes wıth stunnıng rıghts free musıc. Enjoy. Vısıt our Other channel SV Impavıdus On YouTube . #Mavıc #DJI #Drone