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10000 Sails to fight violence against women.  We can change the course together!
Jul 04

10000 Sails to fight violence against women. We can change the...

10000 Sails to end violence against women. On the 4th of July let’s put a red ribbon on all our...


10000 Sails to end violence against women. On the 4th of July let’s put a red ribbon on all our...

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    • 10000 Sails to fight violence against women. 
    • We can change the course together! 
    • On the 4th of July let’s put a red ribbon on all our boats. 

    ‘’ Enough, we had enough of this! Let’s stop the repeated episodes of violence against women. On the 4th of July all together, let’s give a strong signal and put a red rib on all our sail boats’’ - said Stefano de Dominicis, President of 10000 Sails of Solidarity Association, to the sailing community . ’’ We are in ‘’ - replies the sailing community .

    The 10.000 of Solidarity Association 

    The 10.000 Sails of Solidarity Association is promoting the initiative of a ‘’flash mob’’, involving the entire Italian Sailing community, to express a real support in the fight against violence on women.

    This Association is active only when important causes are involved and in the past had a major part in fundraising as well as non profit events to support various projects. 

    Among the most important activity of the 10.000 sails association we can find:

    -2011: fundraising in benefit of severe flood victims in La Spezia area and in the area of ‘’ le cinque terre’’ – as result of the campaign has been possible to buy 2 special vehicles designated for the transportation of disabled people.

    -2017: fundraising event in support of the victims of the terrible earthquake which destroyed the town of Amatrice 

    The chosen cause for 2021 is the fight against violence on women 

    The project is aimed at educating the general community against the serious issue of Violence against women, that has been defined as a ‘’Worldwide scourge’’. 

    This time there will be no fundraising. The participation is completely free of charge. 

     The rules for all the participants are few but firm and can be found on the website :


    Sailing to fight violence against women 

    The initiative ‘’10000 vele contro la violenza sulle donne’’ is a shout out to all women and men able and capable of getting involved in finding ways to stop the violence against women, in its many forms. 

    Newspapers are full on a daily basis of stories involving violence against women and this is very concerning. This should move the conscience of many people and should cause horror and shame in people that have any common sense. 

    A change in the course for a society more ‘’civilized’’ 

    ‘’ We need a change of course made by people of all sex and background without prejudices or creation of sides’’ – said Giancarlo Crocicchia, one of the main organizers of this event who worked tirelessly and without any financial compensation towards the creation of a website for this event that has also professional images taken by Daniele Deriu – Deriu’s work includes some strong images even with some nude to expose a concerning aspect of our modern racist, violent and sexist society that is progressively more ‘’inhumane’’ 

     (to see this artistic/photographic project in full please follow the link for “Se l’è cercata” di D. Deriu https:// www.illogico.it). 

    All together like a Sailing Crew 

    We need to work all together, like a good sailing crew, each one with his own strength and abilities to achieve a common goal. 

    The sailing community, in all its variant and peculiarities, has learned since long time to consider gender equality as a consolidated reality. 

    ‘’We like to think and to say that while sailing there is no difference of gender, age or status. 

    We have lucky in being able to say this and we want to believe that we can share this lucky condition.’’ – said Stefano de Dominicis. 

    SAVE THE DATE: 4 JULY 2021 – let’s put a red ribbon on every boat 

    On Sunday, 4th of July 2021 we would like to invite everyone who owns or has access to a boat to get out on the water with a long red ribbon hanging from the mast, as a sign of participation and support to this cause. 

    8000KM of Solidarity

    The sailboat all together will draw up a virtual symbolic red ribbon along the 8000 km of coast along the sea and lakes of Italy. 

    Sailing is a School of Life and can give a lot 

    This initiative must not be limited to the sailing event itself but must be a first step in putting close together a world full of giving like the sailing world and the very empty world of the victims of violence. 


    This initiative stimulated the interest and very enthusiastic participation of the whole sailing community including active promotion on social media. There are already thousands of people who signed up to this event with their boats and many professional sailors who are willing to support this project like: Mauro Pelaschier, Davide Besana, 

    Pasquale De Gregorio, Matteo Miceli, Giovanni Soldini, Andrea Mura, Tommaso 

    Chieffi, Dario Noseda, Anne-Soizic Bertin, Susanne Beyer, Marianna De Micheli, 

    Andrea Barbera, Marco Di Giglio, Lucia Pozzo, Giancarlo Pedote. 

    Many other will follow soon including the last Vendée Globe skippers. 

    Many organizations against violence and Government bodies also give their full support to this initiative. 

    Info and Rules for the organization of supporting events for this project 

    The modes of participation to the sailing event on 4th of July 2021 are left at the complete decision of the individual skippers for private boat owners as well as for sailing schools. 

    The event can be organized in the form of a day sail with a group of individual sailboats or as a part as a more organized sailing event with own modality to be decided by the organizers. 

    In the case of a sailing event organized specifically for this initiative, the organizers are allowed to use the official project logo. 

    The logo can be used also in the communications to promote such event together with sailing club/sailing schools/yacht club own logo. 

    If a sailing club/ yc or sailing school had another event already planned for the same date of the Event, they will be still able to participate to the 10.000 sails to fight violence against women by putting a long red ribbon up the mast and can use the official Event logo in the promotion of such activity next to own club or sailing event logo. 

    Every collateral event of support to our initiative is well accepted and allowed under the strict responsibility of the individual organizers.

    The only strict rule to be observed is that is forbidden any form of fundraising or other form of financial profit activity in the name of the 10.000 sails initiative. 

    Under no circumstances would be allowed to ask for a financial contribution in order to participate to the Initiative (except for fees non related to the participation to the initiative but related solely to a Co-existing sailing event or course) 

    It is also strictly forbidden any merchandising including the use of the official initiative logo which remains property of the designer/author. 

    The official logo can be used on promotional material and event crew clothing or as sticker to be used to identify participating vessels only if this is done completely free of charge and will not involved a monetary transaction. 

    To sign up and all additional info please visit :



    Or contact 

    Ivana Quattrini 

    + 39 335 8093904 

    10000 Vele di Solidarietà 

    Press Office



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