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Nave Palinuro and the Tall Ships in Genova
Jun 23

Nave Palinuro and the Tall Ships in Genova

Genova, Palinuro ship and the Tall Ships at the Marina di Sestri Ponente Of Liguria


Genova, Palinuro ship and the Tall Ships at the Marina di Sestri Ponente Of Liguria

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Sestri Ponente, Genoa, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy
  • From Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 June 2022, the “Tall Ships”, the large sailing ships that participate in the Iacobus Maris Route, will make a stop in Marina Genova - tourist port of Sestri Ponente, bringing a message of peace and collaboration between peoples.

    The Genoese stage is the first stop on the Iacobus Maris route, an event commemorating the Jacobin tradition of the transfer of the body of the apostle James, from Jaffa, the main port of Palestine in the Middle Ages, to Santiago de Compostela.

    The Tall Ships will cross the Mediterranean with 5 stops in 3 countries: Genoa, Valencia, Seville, Porto and finally Vigo.

    The docks of Marina Genova will host six giants of the sea for the occasion: the schooner Palinuro, used by the Italian Navy for cadet training (69 meters, launched in 1934), the Romanian pole brig Mircea (82 meters, launched in 1938), the Spanish three-masted schooner Pascual Flores (35 meters, launched in 1917) initially intended for the export of fruit, salt and various goods in the ports of the Mediterranean and Africa and today dedicated to the tourist and cultural promotion of Torrevieja and the disclosure of the history of this type of boats in relation to the transport of salt. The fleet is completed by the Spanish schooner Atyla (31 meters, launched in 1984) built in the 1980s following traditional techniques (carpentry along the river) with a design inspired by 18th century ships.

    From Thursday afternoon to Saturday evening, the sailing ships, moored in English style, can be photographed and visited for free, with the aim of bringing visitors closer to the discovery of these historic boats by promoting collaboration between different countries and nationalities, with particular attention to the involvement of young people and universities. On Sunday 26 June at 11 the Tall Ships will depart from Marina Genova with the naval parade towards Valencia.

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    Meetings (Conferences / Forums / Shows / Fairs / Festivals)
  • Date & Time
    Jun 23 2022 at 10:00 - Jun 26 2022 at 20:00
  • Location & full address
    Sestri Ponente, Genova
  • Event Admins
    Nave Palinuro