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Pirates of the Aegean
Jun 18

Pirates of the Aegean

⚓you can run but you can't hide!!! Let the game Begin!


⚓you can run but you can't hide!!! Let the game Begin!

  • The Ultimate

    Sailing Adventure


    ‘Pirates of the Aegean’ is an innovative game that takes place in three of the outstanding Cycladic islands of Greece. It is a thoroughly designed treasure hunt full of riddles, action games and adventure inspired by the Greek Myths and the rich history of the Mediterranean pirates.


    Participants are guided to both the explored and unexplored parts of Greece through daily riddles on a quest to uncover different places, people and sights, experientially enhancing the participants’ link to local culture, the nature and the unique lifestyle of a sailing vacation.


    The plot of the treasure hunt is revealed through a multitude of different games, strategically organized and interesting activities that will open opportunities for participants to appreciate the sea, meet the local cultures and interact with local people.


    All the games require not only very careful design and perfect logistical management, but also a wide range of supplementary equipment, project managers and game props (riddles, maps etc.), which will add a sense of suspense and mystery in making the treasure hunt a true adventure.

                                                               more details .... http://www.getlost.gr/#!pirates-of-the-aegean/cwjv

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    Jun 18 2016 at 12:00 - Jun 25 2016 at 18:15
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    kea greece
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