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Golden Globe Race 2018 Jul 1st, Les Sables d’Olonne, France
Jul 01

Golden Globe Race 2018 Jul 1st, Les Sables d’Olonne, France

The 2018 Golden Globe Race... 30 sailors … 30,000 miles … non-stop … alone … no outside assistance!


The 2018 Golden Globe Race... 30 sailors … 30,000 miles … non-stop … alone … no outside assistance!

  • Route and Course map

    Entrants must arrive at the Race venue no later than 1600hrs on June 11th 2018. 

    Safety inspections will be carried out prior to the event. 

    The Race clock starts with the start gun on July 1st, 2018. If an entrant does not start within five days of the start, he or she is deemed to have withdrawn from the Race. 

    Entrants may seek shelter and anchor (using the engine if needed) to make repairs, but may not enter port and no person may give any materiel assistance at any time during the Race. 

    At the end of the Race, ships logs and celestial navigation notes will be scrutinized for compliance and further declarations signed by the entrant, confirming rule compliance during the Race.

    GGR Entry Fee

    The Non-refundable GGR Entry Fee will be: AU$14,000. Paid in two parts. AU$3,000 when applying for an entry. The  balance of AU$11,000 within 12 months of entry, or by 14th June 2017 whichever is earlier. The payment of entry fees must be made by bank transfer or cheque (made payable to Ocean Frontiers Pty Ltd or Golden Globe Race ltd.). It is the responsibility of each participant to ask for the bank details and ensure correct payment is received on time. 

    Only if a GGR event sponsor provides the requested prize money budget, EURO$7,000 will be paid to any GGR entrant  crossing the finish line in Les Sables before 1500hrs on the 22nd April 2019. The Organiser will notify all entrants of this opportunity as soon as possible and no later than 14th June 2017. If the sponsor prize money budget is NOT available, there will be no EURO$7,000 finishing payment. This finishing fee, if available will be paid on 24th April 2019.

    Race Route 

    The race course is an east-about circumnavigation starting and finishing in Les Sables-d’Olonne, France. Competitors will sail down the Atlantic from North to South leaving:

    An inshore Canary Island mark (TBA) to starboard- a chance to interview the skippers as they sail past without stopping and for them to pass over films and letters. 

    An Inshore Cape Verde Island mark (TBA) to starboard- another film drop.

    Cape of Good Hope to port

    Prince Edward Island to starboard

    Crozet Islands to starboard

    Kergulen Islands to starboard

    45°S latitude to starboard. An imaginary line the entrants must not cross or face a time penalty. Race Control follows the satellite tracker.

    Cape Leeuwin to port

    To a Gate (TBA) in Storm Bay Tasmania. Entrants sail over a line and must drop sails and drift, or anchor for 90 minutes. Media, family and friends may then interview and chat without touching them and films and letters passed off the boats, but nothing goes onto the boats. Only after 90 minutes may they recross the line and continue on to Cape Horn. The clock does not stop.

    Snares Islands to starboard.

    Bounty Islands to starboard.

    Waypoint 46°S, 174°W to starboard. An imaginary rounding mark.

    46°S latitude to starboard until east of 115°W longitude. An imaginary line the entrants must not cross or face a time penalty. Race Control follows the satellite tracker.

    Cape Horn to port

    An inshore Falkland Island mark (TBA) to starboard. A final chance to interview the skippers after the gruelling Southern Ocean and Cape Horn as they sail past without stopping before the run for home.

    Sail up the Atlantic from South to North. Then to the Finish line (TBA).

    Amendments to the race course regarding safety measures to avoid drifting ice and/or a minimum distance of the course from the coast of some countries in the southern hemisphere will be published no later than the 30th May 2018. These amendments will be based on studies carried out for weather and ice conditions in consultation with Rescue Co-Ordination Centers around the world.

    Race Organisers

    Golden Globe Race Ltd, a company registered in the UK, is responsible for the organisation, management and promotion the 2018 Golden Globe Race in conjunction with Ocean Frontiers Pty Ltd and McIntyre Adventure Ltd. The Royal Nomuka Yacht Club in the Kingdom of Tonga is the Host Yacht Club.

      Don McIntyre (CEO) 

    Don McIntyre (60) is the founder and Race Chairman of the 2018 Golden Globe Race, Don is an experienced circumnavigator and recognised as one of Australia’s greatest explorers. Passionate about all forms of adventure and inspiring others, this Race was born from his desire is to recreate the Golden Age of solo sailing. 

    Don finished 2nd in class in the 1990-91 BOC Challenge solo around the world yacht race. In 2012, he led the successful 4-man Talisker Bounty Boat Challenge to re-enact the Mutiny on the Bounty voyage from Tonga to West Timor in a similar boat and with same limited supplies available to Captain Bligh 221 years before. 
    For the past 20 years, Don has been leading annual expeditions to Antarctica. 

    Royal patronage

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race will be sailed under the auspices of the Royal Nomuka Yacht Club in the Kingdom of Tonga. His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Tupouto’a Ulukalala is Patron of the Race and plans to officiate at the start of the Race in Falmouth.

    Race founder Don McIntyre has close links with these Pacific islands. The Royal Nomuka Yacht Club is the world’s youngest Royal club, formed on 22nd October 2015 as part of a joint initiative between HRH The Crown Prince and McIntyre to establish a sailing base and adventure centre on the otherwise deserted island of Nomuka IKI to encourage Tongan youth to take up sailing as a sport and cultural activity. 

    Tonga is one of many Pacific Island nations directly impacted by the effects of climate change and rising sea levels. Situated on the southern tip of the Ha’Apai group of islands, the foreshore is under attack from coastal erosion, and the clubhouse (to be built in 2016) on Nomuka IKI will be only two meters above sea level. The Island is surrounded by some of the most diverse corals in the world and is also the home of Humpback whales and turtles, two species struggling to survive under human impacts in the changing environment.

    250 years ago, Tongans ruled much of the Pacific thanks to their superb sailing skills in giant Vakas twin-hulled voyaging canoes that left even Captain Cook impressed and amazed by their ability to sail to windward. Now there are virtually no sailing canoes in Tonga, so McIntyre is launching a program to build and reintroduce the lost art of Vaka sailing to the youth of Tonga.

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    Racing Events (Match, Team, Fleet, Regattas, etc)
  • Date & Time
    Jul 01 2018 at 10:00 - Jan 29 2019 at 10:00
  • Location & full address
    Les Sables d’Olonne, France
  • Event Admins
    Patrick Benoit