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Return to Magellan
Nov 01

Return to Magellan

Commemorating the 500 year anniversary of the worlds first circumnavigation by Ferdinand Magellan...


Commemorating the 500 year anniversary of the worlds first circumnavigation by Ferdinand Magellan...

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Seville, Spain
  • Hello, my name is Marvin Parramore. Captain of Return to Magellan. On September 20th 2019 I will be commemorating the 500 year anniversary of Magellan's voyage around the world by recreating the voyage personally.

    A little bit about me and why I am doing this...I grew up on a horse farm cleaning stalls, riding young colts, hauling hay I am and all the things a young boy does on a farm. Broke my first 2 year old horse to ride when I was 12. Back then I thought my course was set. Racing Quarter Horse racehorses was it. Rode in matches races and exercised race horses up until I turned 16. Then at 16 I was able to get my license and I was a professional jockey! About that same time I started riding in professional rodeos. Along the way I broke numerous bones and finally figured out I was gonna kill myself riding so after high school I joined navy. I experiences my first circumnavigation at 19 years old. After the Navy I hung out in California for a while rodeoing. Did my 2nd Circumnavigation at 26 years old and started a horse transportation company, one of my first successful endeavors.

    Later I moved to Boston, got married, started a family. I started a series of small businesses with varying degrees of success all the while working construction. Raised my daughter's. One in college now. Other one is professional flute player. Eventually I ended up doing historic restoration for the U.S. Park Service and numerous private entities. After a messy divorce I closed the Construction Co.

    In search of inspiration for a new direction I looked back to my past. I went back in the horse business. Taking a job as assistant trainer. Eventually ending up with my own string of horses. Racing horses in the Midwest area. Tiring of the horse world I went on to build a trucking company. Over the next few years I did dabbled in other areas of interest. None of which fulfilled or ignited a flame.

    I ended up seeing a sailboat on Craigslist in Key West. I said screw it. Let's go in a totally new direction. Or maybe go way back to my Navy days. Let's go sail the world! I flew to Key West and bought the boat, Moira. She will always have my heart. Anyway, I went back home and sold everything I owned except my van. Moved aboard Moira in Aug 2013. It's hot in Key West in August. Worked on her until May, getting her seaworthy. Finally she was ready for sea trials. Her maiden voyage with me was on a Wednesday afternoon . On my own, self-taught, I figured out what all the lines did and kind of how everything worked together.

    I left the following week bound for Boston. Alone, I attempted a non-stop voyage but to no avail. A huge storm struck off the coast of Florida with 48 hours of 20+ ft waves and sustained winds of 35 knots. Gusting close to 50 knot winds, suffering from a knockdown and heavy damage we limped into Port Canaveral. The non-stop attempt took over 5 weeks until we finally we made it into Boston harbor. A haggard pair. Battered and bruised. I harrowing trip that ignited a passion for ocean offshore cruising. God's glory powerful in the solitude. Nature's own church. Purest form of magnificence that nature could possibly produce.

    Now I am ready for the largest challenge of my life so far. To retrace Magellan's journey around the world. His route traverses some of the most treacherous waters in the world. A challenge for any cowboy.

    As I honor and donate profits of this adventure to Navy and Marine veterans... I invite you to join me on this journey!

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  • Category
    General Sailing Events
  • Date & Time
    Nov 01 2019 at 00:00 - Sep 29 2020 at 00:15
  • Location & full address
    seville, spain
  • Event Admins
    Marvin Parramore