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Summer training on the Vespucci or the Palinuro, end of May / end of June and mid-September / end of October 2021
Feb 20

Summer training on the Vespucci or the Palinuro, end of...

Do you want to try a period of embarkation on the Vespucci or the Palinuro? Here's how to do it ...


Do you want to try a period of embarkation on the Vespucci or the Palinuro? Here's how to do it...

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Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

    keywords: Amerigo Vespucci ship, Palinuro schooner ship 

    The National Presidency of the National Sailors' Association of Italy (ANMI) has started the preparatory phase for carrying out short boardings on VESPUCCI or PALINURO ships for young ANMI Members, between 16 and 26 years. 

    The activity is subject to the evolution of the health emergency in progress. 

    Covid-19 permitting, the Italian Navy General Staff will propose again, for this year, the possibility of embarking young ANMI Members, aged between 16 and 26, of Italian nationality on the Vespucci and Palinuro School Ships during the navigations that they will carry out in the periods "end of May / end of June" and "mid-September / end of October" 2021.

    These embarkations are carried out as part of the promotional activities for enrollment in the Navy and allow young candidates to experience the seafaring life on board the same School Ships, used by the Navy for the practical summer training of the students of their Schools of Training. 

    Therefore, it is possible to collect requests for participation of young Members, children or grandchildren of Members, in this unique initiative.

    The requests received will be carefully screened and selected, taking into account the following merit criteria:

    - the regular registration as a member of the young applicant in the ANMI Group to which he belongs;

    - Interest in the sea and the Navy;

    - Seriousness and conviction towards the initiative;

    - Academic results achieved;

    - Any boarding requests already submitted or accepted previously.

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    a group of children on board the school ships - ANMI photo credit

    It should be remembered that the success of the initiative and, therefore, its continuation in the next few years, are conditioned by the good behavior on board of the young people who will participate in this experience, which the President of the ANMI Group who made the selection will guarantee.

    Candidates may also be made by Members over the age of 28 to cover the role of accompanying young people during boarding periods. The list of young candidates, drawn up on the basis of an order of priority that takes into account the merit criteria set out above, must be submitted by the Presidents of the ANMI Groups  by 30 April 2021.

    Subsequently, the National Presidency will divide the young people into the various boarding shifts, taking into consideration the required periods. 

    After having received the exact dates and ports of embarkation / disembarkation from the Navy, it will request via e-mail to the selected ones to confirm their participation in the assigned shift and to present the duly completed and signed Application Form to the President of their Group as soon as possible. 

    In the event of a number of applications exceeding the number of places available, priority will be given to young candidates who have been enrolled in ANMI for the longest time.

    The young Members selected for the embarkation period:
    - will have to undergo a medical examination to obtain a medical certificate of "healthy and robust constitution" to be presented on board the ship upon embarkation;

    - they must not suffer from particular forms of allergy / intolerance not compatible with the life / environment on board (dust, manila, hemp, nylon, etc.).

    Please note that while the stay on board the School Ships does not entail charges for the interested parties, the costs for transfers to / from the embarkation / disembarkation places are fully borne by the participants and nothing will be due by the Defense Association / Administration as a refund of these expenses in case of cancellation of the activity, for technical-operational reasons.

    At the end of boarding, the Participants will receive a “ Boarding Certificate ” from the on-board Commander. 

    Furthermore, upon returning to their residence, they will be able to ask the President of their ANMI Group for a declaration on headed paper confirming their experience

    One more reason to join the National Association of Italian Sailors . To register follow this link .

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    The Palinuro is a "Schooner Ship". The term indicates that the ship is armed with three masts of which the forward one, called the foremast, is armed with square sails, while the main and mizzen masts are armed with cutting sails (mainsail, arrows and forestay sails). 

    To these masts is added the bowsprit, a fourth mast that protrudes almost horizontally from the forward end, also armed with cutting sails (jibs). 

    The total sail area is about 1,000 square meters, spread over fifteen sails. 

    The height of the trees above sea level is 35 meters for the foremast, 34.5 meters for the main and 30 meters for the mizzen mast. 

    The hull, like the masts, is in nailed steel and is divided into three decks. Under the main deck (known as the main deck) are the living rooms of the crew and students, while above are the superstructures of the forward castle and the aft quarterdeck. 

    On the quarterdeck, at the extreme stern, there is the Command Bridge, while inside there are the quarters and living rooms of the Officers and NCOs, the kitchen and the oven -

    photo credit Italian Navy



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    Educational (Sailing Courses)
  • Date & Time
    Feb 20 2021 at 00:00 - Apr 30 2021 at 00:00
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    Rome, Italy
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    Nave Palinuro