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Fernando added a video. 6 months ago

moments 2016

Are you up for living the best week of your life?

Do you know of any sailing application that shares your location and hopefully other info in order to track a friend while sailing or at home?

A sort of AIS but mobile/tablet edition.

Leonardo <- I never tried this on the boat but I saw some movies made with this in the past. Any way, I don't know if can repport real time position
8 months ago
Fernando Thanx Leonardo, ill give them a try and see how it goes! End of September i will come back with some results i hope. 8 months ago
jose Fernando, if they are carrying a regular AIS, there are webpages where you can follow them for free, as long as they ae within reach of a VHF receiver. I have used this method and been told that all the way upto 60 miles from shore I was visible with the antena mounted on mast top. If they lose VHF coverage but have acces to internet via satphones or similar, they can upload the position to these sites.. Hope this helps 7 months ago
Fernando added a video. 8 months ago

Summer moments 2016

Here are some moments we edited while sailing

Captain Thano Looks great fun! 8 months ago
Fernando liked Fernando's Photo 10 months ago

Nice to see you here!!!

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Fernando shared 2 photos in the galatea album 10 months ago

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Fernando added a video. 10 months ago

This summer from the 16 of July to the 6 of Augost we will be sailing in the Ionian sea!
Join us for a fun, relaxing week visiting Leukada, Kastos, Ithaki, Kefalonia and Meganissi.
For more info

Summer 2015

A dot in the blue summer 2015 Greece expedition. Leukas, Parga, Sivota, Paxous Antipaxous

Fernando added a video. 10 months ago

Summer if finally here and we are getting ready to set sail in the Aegean sea.
Have a sneak peak at our preparations and join us this summer

Getting ready 2016

Summer is coming and the team has made everything possible to have everything ready for our guests! We will offer the most amazing holidays you have had, and that requires a lot of work before had. That said, we also have some fun in the process :p Special thanks to MG Yatchs for the amazing boat we had, to Eleni P for filiming and editing and to Iason Venz for the help!!

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Fernando shared 2 photos in the random album 1 year ago

Cant wait to get to get the crew back together. I do love sailing, but when you do it surrounded with nice ppl it is much better!

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