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Palinuro training ship returns to Gaeta from 03 to 08 July, Gaeta, Italy
Jul 03

Palinuro training ship returns to Gaeta from 03 to 08...

An opportunity to see up close one of the most beautiful ships of the Italian Navy.


An opportunity to see up close one of the most beautiful ships of the Italian Navy.

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Piazzale Caboto, 04024 Gaeta LT, Italy
  • On the occasion of the event "Grandi Vele", scheduled from 04 to 07 July 2019 in Gaeta, Wednesday 3 July, the Navy training ship Palinuro will arrive at the Caboto Quay (Gaeta Medievale), where it will remain parked until 08 July.

    Once again it will be an opportunity to see up close one of the most beautiful ships of the Italian Navy. 

    Nave Palinuro, from the first ten days of June to the end of July, will host on board the students of the 1st course of the Morosini Naval School, making stops in the ports of Naples, La Spezia, Imperia, Genoa (on the occasion of Genoa Shipping Week), Gaeta ( participating in the event "Grandi vele di Gaeta"), Palinuro (SA), Pantelleria, Syracuse and Taranto.

    During the navigations, the students have the opportunity to learn the rudiments of nautical and nautical sciences, thus developing the team spirit that distinguishes sailors, acquiring the ethical values ​​and traditions that are peculiar to the Navy. 

    The Palinuro training ship is a "Schooner Ship". The term indicates that the ship is armed with three masts of which that forward, called trinchetto, is armed with square sails, while the mast and mast trees are armed with cutting sails (mainsails, arrows and forestay sails). 

    To these trees is added the bowsprit, a fourth tree that protrudes almost horizontally from the bow end, also armed with cutting sails (flakes). 

    The total sail area is about 1,000 square meters, spread over fifteen sails. 

    The height of the trees above sea level is 35 meters for the foremast, 34.5 meters for the teacher and 30 meters for the mizzen tree. 

    The hull, like the trees, is made of studded steel and is divided into three bridges. 

    Under the main deck (known as the deck), the living quarters of the crew and students are located. while above are the superstructures of the foreshortening castle and the aft quarterdeck. 

    On the quarterdeck, at the far stern, there is the Command Bridge, but inside it are the lodgings and living quarters of the Officers and NCOs, the kitchen and the oven.

    Nave Palinuro has two main tasks: to provide the necessary support for the formation of Alumni Officers and to contribute to the image projection of the Navy. 

    The first objective is realized during the annual education campaigns, when on board the ship, in addition to the crew, the Allievi of the Petty Officer School of Taranto (Mariscuola Taranto) board. 

    On this occasion the Allievi Marescialli face several weeks of navigation, for many of them it is the first boarding experience during which they are subjected to an intense training program in the marine sector, safety, navigation and ethical -military. 

    The promotional contribution and image projection of the Navy manifests itself mainly during the stops in the national and foreign ports, during which the Ship testifies to the population and the local Authorities the most ancient traditions of the Italian navy. 

    The motto of Nave Palinuro is "Faventibus Ventis", "With the favor of the winds". 

    Its port of assignment is La Maddalena.

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    Meetings (Conferences / Forums / Shows / Fairs / Festivals)
  • Date & Time
    Jul 03 2019 at 10:00 - Jul 08 2019 at 16:00
  • Location & full address
    Caboto Quay, Gaeta, Italy
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    Nave Palinuro